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Subscription plans and limits

When you use Tovie Agent, we consider the number of agents and groups. The limits depend on your Tovie DialogStudio or Tovie Platform subscription plan.

Limits for Tovie DialogStudio

Subscription planNumber of agents and groups in Tovie Agent
• Free2 agents and 1 group
• Startup
• Growth
• Optimal
• Premium
100 agents, 100 groups

If you have a plan for calls and purchase additional packages that include unique users, you can also use Tovie Agent. Learn more about using chatbots with plans for calls in the Tovie DialogStudio documentation.

To find information on your subscription plan:

  1. Sign in to Tovie DialogStudio.
  2. Hover over the user picture at the top.
  3. Select Subscription management.

Limits for Tovie Platform

The Tovie Platform Free subscription plan includes 2 agents and 1 group, other plans — 100 agents and 100 groups.

Charges for prompter bots are billed to your Tovie Platform account as unique users within a billing period.

To find information on your subscription plan:

  1. Sign in to Tovie Platform.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the user name, then Settings.
  3. Click My plans and limits in the sidebar.

How to increase limits

To increase the limits on simultaneous number of agents and groups in Tovie Agent, switch to another subscription plan or contact our technical support at

Possible issues

Group or user limit exceeded

The Tovie Agent account administrator will be notified if there are more users or groups than their plan includes. They will need to reduce the number of users or groups in Settings, after which the Tovie Agent interface will be unlocked for agents.

Account blocked

If you did not pay for your subscription on time, your Tovie Agent account will be blocked. To unblock it, please renew your subscription.