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You can refer to prompter bots during dialogs with customers to answer their questions faster.

A prompter is a bot that joins conversations between customers and agents. It prompts agents with answers to questions, but it does not communicate with customers directly.

A prompter selects appropriate answers to customers’ questions and displays them in prompts. Each prompt has a percentage probability of matching the question with the proposed answer. Prompts can contain text, images, audio, or files.

For agents to use prompters, the administrator should set up them in Tovie Platform and Tovie Agent.

Context prompter

The context prompter picks suitable answers to a customer’s questions and displays them directly in the chat window:

  • To use it during a dialog, select next to the message input field. Prompts will be displayed automatically.

  • To see its prompts for earlier messages, hover over the necessary message and select next to the customer’s name.

Context prompter

Prompter assistants

Prompter assistants are used as handbooks: agents can refer questions to them while communicating with customers and get answers in the sidebar to the right of the chat window.

To use prompter assistants, select the Prompters tab on the sidebar. Choose the necessary prompter and enter a query similar to the customer’s question in the request field.

Prompter assistants store in their history up to 10 of the agent’s last requests. To view them, use and  on the Prompters tab.
Prompter assistants


Charges for prompters are billed to your Tovie Platform account as unique users within a billing period.

There are 2 prompters connected to the project: 1 context prompter and 1 prompter assistant. The agent started dialogs with 2 customers. In a dialog with the first customer, the agent used only 1 prompter, and in the second dialog, they used 2. So 3 unique users will be charged from the Tovie Platform account for using 3 prompters.

If the same person communicates with the bot in different channels, they will be counted as 2 different customers.