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Get started with Tovie Agent

Step 1. Log in

Step 2. Add agents and configure Tovie Agent

Manage groups and agents

When developing a script, you can configure transferring chats to the desired groups. For example, during the communication with a bot, you can classify a customer request and transfer it to a group of agents who can help.

Configure Tovie Agent

Step 3. Create your bot script

While developing the bot, take advantage of Tovie DialogStudio and Tovie Platform features, such as an FAQ bot or the knowledge base and NLU tools. Learn more about these platform features in the documentation.

Step 4. Configure transferring chats to agents

Step 5. Set up prompters

What’s next?

Once you develop the script, publish your bot to channels. Tovie DialogStudio and Tovie Platform support integration with more than 20 text channels. You can also connect the bot to a website or your application. Learn more about channels and integrations in the Tovie DialogStudio and Tovie Platform documentation.

As soon as you recieve customer requests, analyze them with Tovie Agent statistics and Tovie DialogStudio and Tovie Platform tools.