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User invitation

You can invite both already registered users of Tovie AI products and new ones to your account.

  • In the cloud version, one account can have up to 250 users. You can invite no more than 20 users at a time.
  • Tovie DialogStudio does not support multi-user mode. In this product, users can only work through one account—the one they originally own.

Send invitation

  1. Go to the Accounts section in Tovie Cloud and select the required account.

  2. Click Invite user.

  3. Select the product to which the invitation will refer. Users will also have access to other Tovie AI products.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Assign roles to users.

  6. Enter user emails.


    If the user is already working with Tovie AI products but does not have an email in their Tovie Cloud profile, for example, if they registered through a third-party service, contact them and ask them to specify an email. Otherwise, they will register as a new user.

  7. Select Invite.

  • The account owner or a user with the USER_ADMIN role can edit the invited user roles or revoke the invitation at any time.

  • The invitation is valid for one week. Once this time has expired (or the user has rejected the invitation), a new one must be sent.

Possible errors

Errors sending invitations

The user limit for the account has been exceeded

In the cloud version, you can invite no more than 250 users to one account. In the On-premise version, you may have a different limit.

Problem solutions:

  • Remove sent invitations or inactive users from your account.
  • For the On-premise version: ask the system administrator to increase the user limit.

You can only invite registered users

Depending on the environment and account settings, you can only invite already registered users to Tovie Cloud.

Problem solutions:

  • Ask the user to register in Tovie Cloud, and then resend the invitation.
  • For the On-premise version: ask the system administrator to allow sending invitations to new users.

Errors in accepting invitations

Additional actions are required to accept the invitation

Possible reasons for the error:

  • You are trying to register through a third-party service, such as Google or GitHub, but the third-party service does not disclose your email.
  • You are trying to register using a third-party service or SSO, but your email does not match the email in the invitation.

Problem solutions:

Do one of the following:

  • Follow the link from the email and register using your email and password, not a third-party service.

  • Make your email available for reading in OAuth on the third-party service and follow the link from the email again.

    How to make your email available in GitHub
    1. Go to the settings of your profile on GitHub.
    2. In the Public profilePublic email section, select the email that will be displayed in your Tovie Cloud profile.