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To view information about your subscription plan, select in the top navigation bar, then My plan and limits. In this section, you can view current limits, billing history, and generate telephony billing reports.

To view other available plans, select the user name in the top right corner, then All subscription plans.

Free plan

The Tovie Platform Free plan will be activated as soon as you sign up.

Each month you will have:

To change the subscription plan, contact your account manager.


When a client is talking to a bot, limits are consumed. After you spend the limits, no new unique users will be added, and all calls will be put on pause. Still, the current call campaign will be finished first.

After you reach a limit, you can either buy an extra package or switch to another subscription plan. The extra package helps you deal with an occasional peak load while switching to another plan increases your monthly limits.
The remainder of unused limits is not carried over to the next month.

Subscription limits

Unique users

For non-telephony channels (i.e., messengers, social media, voice assistants, customer engagement platforms) number of unique users is limited.

Each user gets a unique ID number assigned to them in a specific channel.

For example, in the chat widget, a cookie is assigned, which helps to identify the user. Thus, unless the user clears their browser cookies, they will be considered a single user even if the dialog lasts a month.

The unused limit of unique users’ extra packages is carried over to the next billing period.

Tovie NLP tokens

A Tovie NLP token is a billing unit for calling ChatGPT from the script. They are charged when the bot responds using the LLM model.

Tovie NLP tokens are not equal to OpenAI tokens. The amount of Tovie NLP tokens spent depends on the request.

When the Tovie NLP token limit is reached, the bot will continue to respond according to the script and give answers from the bot knowledge base, but it will not be able to call ChatGPT. To continue using the model, you can purchase an additional package of Tovie NLP tokens or contact your account manager.

Telephony NLU

Calls require spending Telephony NLU minutes, speech recognition and generation services, and connection provider services.

An NLU minute is the processing of 1 minute of a user’s speech and preparing the bot’s answer for it.

Telephony NLU minutes are spent in 15-second periods. The number of seconds is always rounded up to the nearest 15-second mark.

Tovie AI ASR

ASR is the number of minutes required for speech recognition during a call campaign.

Tovie AI provides users with access to ASR provider services. ASR provider’s rates and rules are applied when charging.

If you choose to use your own ASR account, Tovie AI limits won’t apply to you. To connect your own ASR account, please contact us:

TTS usage

You can generate a report to view TTS billing information.


You can send SMS messages directly from the script. No integrations with third-party services are required. Purchase an SMS package and use the sms reply type in the script.

Contact your account manager for purchase instructions.

SMS messages can only be sent to phone numbers registered in Russia.

NLP Direct API requests

Another one of Tovie Platform limits is the number of API requests to NLP Direct API and $caila service requests.