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The theme tag declares a theme in the bot script. Themes group together the states within the script which are related to each other.

Themes have nothing to do with being able to split the code into multiple script files. Every theme can be declared in any file with the .sc extension, and one file can contain any number of themes.


A theme name is specified after the tag. It should always start with / and can consist of arbitrary Unicode characters. A theme which only contains the / character is called the root theme.

Nested data

When you declare a theme, you can create states in which the dialog context can be on the next nesting level. Use the state tag to do this.

How to use

  • Root theme:

    theme: /

    state: Start
    q!: $regex</start>
    a: Let’s begin.
  • Themes for grouping together common states:

    theme: /FAQ

    state: WorkingHours
    state: ContactPhone

    theme: /Offtopic

    state: WhatIsYourName
    state: WhoMadeYou