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Customer support

If you did not find the answer to your question in the documentation, please contact our customer support team: They will provide you with the information and help to solve the issue.

How to describe a problem

  1. Provide details:
    • The environment where the problem is reproduced, for example,
    • The email or the name that was used to register the account.
    • The project name where the problem is reproduced.
    • Steps to reproduce the problem.
    • The time and the number of accounts where the problem occurred.
    • A link to the dialog if the problem occurred in a specific dialog. Go to the AnalyticsDialogs → Sessions and open the necessary dialog. Copy the link from the browser.
  2. Attach a screenshot or a screencast if it is possible. This can help the support team to catch on much quicker.


Project name: Pizza bot.
Problem: My bot doesn’t work in Telegram.
Expected behavior:
Open the “Pizza bot” project → write /start → the bot sends a welcome message.
Actual behavior:
Open the “Pizza bot” project → write /start → the bot doesn’t reply.
Time and scale: Since 12 pm none of the clients have received any.