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My plan and limits

To check your Tovie Platform account plans and limits:

  1. Click in the top bar.
  2. Select My plan and limits from the dropdown list.
The My plan and limits section is only available to users having either the BUSINESS_OWNER or SYSTEM_ADMIN role.

In this section, you can view:

  • The current subscription plan.
  • The start date of the next reporting month.
  • Account status: active or suspended.
  • Available and used limits as well as additional packages.
  • The history of billing events.

You can also generate telephony billing reports.

Telephony billing reports

The reports contain information about the billing of call campaigns and inbound calls. To get reports:

  1. On the Subscription limits panel, click Generate report.

  2. Select reports:

    • NLU minutes
    • ASR usage
    • Telephony usage
    • TTS usage
  3. Specify the time period for the reports.

  4. Click Confirm.

  5. Wait for the notifications that reports are ready. You will get a separate notification for each report.

  6. Click Download report in the notification. The report will be downloaded in the XLSX format.

Report contents

Each report contains date, project, and call information:

  • Date — billing date.

  • Project ID — the identifier of the project in which the calls were made.

  • Call campaign ID and Call campaign name:

    • For a call campaign, the fields contain the ID and the name of the call campaign.
    • For inbound calls, the Call campaign ID field contains Inbound calls. The Call campaign name field is empty in this case.

The other fields are specific to the report:

NLU minutes
ASR usage
(if you use your own ASR account)
  • ASR provider
  • ASR minutes
ASR minutes
(if you use ASR through Tovie AI)
Telephony usage
  • Call count
  • Inbound minutes
  • Outbound minutes
  • Agent minutes
TTS usage
  • TTS provider
  • Number of symbols