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Reporter API

Tovie Platform provides the Reporter API for advanced project analytics management.

The Reporter API methods allow:

  • Receiving summary statistics on calls, unique users, and dialogs transferred to the agent.
  • Getting advanced statistics on the number of messages, sessions, and labels set.
  • Getting client lists, as well as blocking or unblocking them.
  • Getting a list of messages for specific sessions or clients.
  • Adding, deleting, and getting message and session labels.
  • Creating, activating, ending, and deleting experiments, as well as counting the number of sessions involved in experiments.
  • Generating reports on sessions, messages, clients, and calls, as well as deleting tasks for report generation.

Get API token

Before you start working with the Reporter API, you need to obtain a unique token that will be used in method requests.
  1. To obtain a token, open a project for which you want to get analytics.
  2. Click and select Project properties.
  3. In the pop-up window, open the API tokens tab and click . The token will be copied to the clipboard.
  4. Substitute the token parameter in the request string with the copied token.

How to use

Get sessions for the selected period

The POST /reporter/p/{token}/sessions/filter method allows receiving all sessions for the selected time period.

For example, you want to get information about sessions in which:

  • Messages were received within one week from 02/14/2021 to 02/21/2021.
  • There are no empty sessions.
  • The number of received messages varies from 20 to 50.

In this case, specify the MESSAGE_TIME, WITHOUT_EMPTY_SESSIONS, and MESSAGE_COUNT filters in the request body.

"filters": [
"key": "MESSAGE_TIME",
"type": "DATE_TIME_RANGE",
"from": "2021-02-14T21:00:00.234Z",
"to": "2021-02-21T20:59:59.000Z"
"type": "RADIO",
"option": "YES"
"type": "NUMERIC_RANGE",
"from": "20",
"to": "50"

The request’s response will contain information about filtered sessions such as:

  • Session ID
  • Channel type
  • Clients ID, first and last names
  • Session start time and duration
  • The first and last phrases
  • Message count
  • Labels

Get message statuses

The POST /reporter/p/{token}/messages/by-session method allows you to get message statuses in Telegram, Viber, and VK channels.

The response will contain the status in the status field. The following message statuses are supported:

  • SENT
  • READ
The SENT status is only available in Telegram and VK and the READ status is in Viber and VK.

Generate a message report

The POST /reporter/p/{token}/reports/messages method allows generating a message report.

For example, to generate a report on messages received only in the Telegram channel, write the following in the request body:

"filters": [
"key": "CHANNEL_TYPE",
"type": "CHECKBOX",
"options": [
"settings": {
"fileType": "XLSX",
"withHeader": true

The generated message report will be available for downloading on the Background tasks tab.