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NLP Direct API

You can use your trained classifier in external applications via the NLP Direct API.

You can also use a trained Tovie NLP classifier in your Tovie Platform projects via the $caila service.

API methods

API provides methods for:

  • Project management: export and import projects.
  • Classification: basic classification, classification of text with additional parameters.
  • Entity management: find entities in the argument text, edit entities.
  • Model re-training: re-train the model based on changes.
Please note: if model re-training fails, the previous version is used for classification.

Working with the API

Let’s consider working with the API by an example of a method:

  • host_name you can copy from the address line.

For example, for the method will look like this:{accessToken}/export
  • accessToken — NLP Direct API key, which is used for access control.

To get the key, go to editing the Tovie Platform project. Select the Classifier tab > press Generate in the NLP Direct API key field > copy the value.

To get the API key of the current project from a bot script, use the method: