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To request users to dial a DTMF message — numbers or characters in tone mode — use the dtmf reply type. Supported in the phone channel only.


timeoutIntegerYesThe user input timeout, in milliseconds.
maxIntegerYesThe maximum number of digits expected from the user.
If the user fails to enter required numbers, the noDtmfAnswerEvent event will be triggered when the timeout expires.


"type": "dtmf",
"timeout": 5000,
"max": 3

How to use

Consider an example when the bot calls a user to confirm an order.

state: OrderConfirmation
a: Hello! We have received your order {{$session.orderItem}}. To confirm it, switch to tone mode.
a: If you want to confirm the order, press 1.
a: If you want to cancel it, press 2.
$response.replies = $response.replies || [];
"type": "dtmf",
"timeout": 10000,
"max": 1

state: Confirm
q: 1
a: Your order has been confirmed. We will contact you later to clarify delivery details.
# ...

state: Cancel
q: 2
a: Your order has been canceled.
# ...

state: NoInput
event: noDtmfAnswerEvent
a: Transferring the call to an agent.
# ...