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Channels’ supported features and restrictions

Before you start developing a bot, you need to find out what features channels support and what restrictions they have. This will allow you to understand which channel is most suitable for achieving your goal.

This article summarizes the supported features and restrictions of the channels into which you can deploy your bots.

Before proceeding to the information about the desired channel, we recommend that you first read the designations in tables.

Categories and designations

In the article, the channels are categorized in the following way:

You can find the following designations in the tables:

Both waysThe file transfer is available in both directions: from the bot to clients and from clients to the bot.
To clientsThe file transfer is only available from the bot to clients.
To botThe file transfer is only available from clients to the bot.
YesThe feature is supported.
NoThe feature is not supported.
?There is no information about the feature.
N/AThe functionality restriction is not applicable to this channel.

Chat widget

File transfer

FeatureChat widget
AudioBoth ways
VideoBoth ways
Audio messageNo
ImagesBoth ways
GIF imagesBoth ways
PDF filesBoth ways
Arbitrary file formatBoth ways
Max video size50 MB
Max image size50 MB
Max file size50 MB

Bot features

FeatureChat widget
HTML markupYes
Text campaignsYes
Inline buttonsYes
Contact transferNo
Transfer to agentYes
Integration with CRM systemsYes


File transfer

Featureedna: WhatsApp 2.0SlackTelegramViberWeChatWhatsApp
AudioBoth waysTo botBoth waysNoNoBoth ways
VideoBoth waysBoth waysBoth waysBoth waysTo clientsBoth ways
Audio messageTo botTo botBoth waysNoNoBoth ways
ImagesBoth waysTo botBoth waysBoth waysBoth waysBoth ways
GIF imagesNoTo botYesNoNoNo
PDF filesBoth waysTo botTo botNoTo botNo
Arbitrary file formatBoth waysTo botBoth waysTo botNoTo clients
Max video size16 MB1 GB50 MB50 MB100 MB16 MB
Max image size16 MB1 GB10 MB1 MB10 MB5 MB
Max file size100 MB1 GB50 MB50 MB100 MB100 MB

Bot features

Featureedna: WhatsApp 2.0SlackTelegramViberWeChatWhatsApp
HTML markupNoNoYesNoNoNo
Text campaignsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Inline buttonsNoNoYesYesNoYes
Contact transferNoNoYesYesNoYes
Transfer to agentYesYesYesYesYesYes
Integration with CRM systemsYesYesYesYesYesYes

Other usage details

TelegramButtons1. For each set of text buttons or inline buttons, there should be at least one text reply in the bot message.
2. The maximum number of characters in text buttons is 20 and the maximum number of characters in inline buttons is 15. Button text over the limit moves to the next line.
3. If the data size specified in callback_data exceeds 64 bytes, the excess data will be cut.
Transfer to agent1. When adding several closing chat phrases in closeChatPhrases for the switch reply type, only the first phrase of the array will be displayed as a button.
However, the chat can be closed with any of the listed phrases.
2. Any button must be followed with a text message. Otherwise, the button will not be displayed until the agent sends their first message.
ViberButtons1. If the focus is active on the message input form, the button will not be displayed for the client in the chat.
2. You can place 1, 2, 3, or 6 text buttons on a single row.
3. The maximum number of inline button rows is 7.
Transfer to agentWhen adding several closing chat phrases in closeChatPhrases for the switch reply type, only the first phrase of the array will be displayed as a button.
However, the chat can be closed with any of the listed phrases.
WeChatImages1. Image size must not exceed 1,000×1,000 pixels.
2. Supported image formats are .jpg, .jpeg, and .png.
WhatsAppButtons1. The maximum number of buttons on the screen is 3.
2. The maximum number of characters in each button is 20.
Inline buttonsCan be created as raw reply type using a template.

Platforms and services

File transfer

FeatureMicrosoft TeamsZendesk Chat
AudioTo botNo
VideoBoth waysNo
Audio messageNoNo
ImagesBoth waysNo
GIF imagesBoth ways?
PDF filesBoth waysNo
Arbitrary file formatBoth waysNo
Max video size50 MBN/A
Max image size50 MBN/A
Max file size50 MBN/A

Bot features

FeatureMicrosoft TeamsZendesk Chat
HTML markupYesNo
Text campaignsYesYes
Inline buttonsYesNo
Contact transferNoNo
Transfer to agentYesNo
Integration with CRM systemsYesYes

Other usage details

Microsoft TeamsHTML markupHTML markup is only displayed when sending bot messages by passing reply objects with the text type into $response.replies.
Zendesk ChatTextZendesk Chat does not support text markup. For example, you cannot add a hyperlink or a line break.
Buttons1. The maximum number of buttons in a single message is 3.
2. If the button’s text contains more than 20 characters, the text will be trimmed. When you hover over the button, the full name will be displayed.