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You can view all clients’ activity logs through the project’s inbound channels and telephony. To do this, go to Analytics > Clients.

In addition, here you can use filters for quick search. Search results are displayed as a list of clients below the filters panel. Each line represents a unique client.


Filters are applied together. Suggested options will depend on the values of the previously applied filters.

You can filter clients by the following parameters:

Message date and timeFilters the list of clients by the message date and time in the selected way:
  • Between displays dialogs for an arbitrary period of time.
  • Any displays dialogs all dialogs.
  • After displays all dialogs after the selected date.
  • Before displays all dialogs up to the selected date.
You can also display dialogs for the current week and the current or last month.
Channel typeFilters the list of clients by the specified channel type.
Channel IDFilters the list of clients by the specified channel ID.
Client nameFilters the list of clients by the specified client name. The telephone number is indicated for the telephone channel.
Client enrollment timeThe search result is a list of clients who started a conversation with the bot for the first time during the specified period. The default period is 2 weeks before the current date.
Client last activity timeThe search result is a list of clients who were active during the specified period. The default period is 2 weeks before the current date.
PhraseFilters the list of clients by the specified phrase in the selected way:
  • Contains displays dialogs that contain the specified phrase in messages.
  • Does not contain displays dialogs that do not contain the specified phrase.
  • Equals displays dialogs that contain messages with this phrase only.
If you choose Any, the filter will not be applied.

Client data

If you click a line with a particular client, their data and full dialog history will be displayed.

Client information

If your bot is connected to Telegram, Viber, or VK, you will see message statuses.

You can use the Block client button to block a client. Specify the Reason and Message to client. The blocked client will not be able to communicate with the bot: the specified message will be sent to them in response to any request.

After blocking the client, information about the blocking date, reason, and initiator will be displayed in the client data section.

You can unblock the client by clicking Unblock client.

Client data export

You can download a client report as an .xlsx file. To do this, click the Download report button located on the filter panel.

It takes some time to generate a report. Wait for the notification and click Download.

The generated report results depend on the filters applied — the file will contain the same list of clients as in the interface. To download the full client report, reset the filters you applied earlier.