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A Tovie Platform project is a single bot connected to various communication channels.

You can import and export projects via the control panel. A single download combines all the files of a bot: scripts, dictionaries, classifier structure, test scripts, etc.

Project interface

In the list of projects created using your account, projects are displayed as cards. Each card contains additional information besides the project name:

  • Tags are displayed in the top left corner, including the project type: Tovie Platform, Tovie DialogStudio.
  • Under the project name are:
    • The latest modification date (or the creation date if the project hasn’t yet been modified).
    • The branch of the Git repository connected to the project, if applicable.
  • At the bottom of the card are:
    • The icons of all channels the bot is deployed to.
    • The total number of dialogs per day across all channels.


You can add tags to the projects. Tags will help you to filter projects and display only the necessary ones. To assign a tag:

  1. Click  for a necessary project and select Change tags.
  2. Create a new tag or select from the existing ones. You can add up to five tags to one project.
  3. Click Save.


Use the  icon on the top navigation bar to access the list of all tasks started in the current project, their progress, and their status.

Tasks from this list are executed in the background, so you can carry on working on the project and return to them when convenient.


Select the  icon on the top navigation bar. Here you will see important notifications about events happening in the project after hiding them from the main workspace, such as project deployment errors.