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Transferred to agent

In the Transferred to agent section you can find the data regarding the number of sessions transferred to an agent.


  • Total sessions — the number of sessions in all channels during the selected time period.
  • Transferred to agent — the total number of sessions transferred to an agent from the script during the selected time period. Sessions in which the client does not receive a reply because all the agents were busy also count.

By default, the selected time period is the last 7 days.

Set up the report:

  • To change the time period, click the date picker and set the beginning and the end of the time period.
  • Point at the diagram to see the number of Total sessions and sessions Transferred to agent per day. The diagram step is 1 day.
  • Click the legend element to hide the diagram.

Here are several ways to set up this report. Click Customize report and choose:

  • Switch — you will see how many times the dialog contained switch messages. This setting is set by default.
  • According to the text in the answer — you will be able to specify the reply that the bot provides after transferring the dialog to an agent.