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User actions

The User actions section is only available to users with the USER_ADMIN role.

Viewing user actions

To view user actions in the account:

  1. Click on the top tab.
  2. Select User actions from the dropdown list.
The page displays user actions of the account you are in. To switch to another account, select it from the My Projects dropdown list on the main page.

Action information

  • Action
  • Date and time
  • User — a user who initiated the action.
  • Modified user — an optional field, filled out only for actions that one user takes against another.
  • Project — an optional field, filled out only for project management actions.
  • Comments — additional action parameters.
  • IP and device — information about the IP, browser, and device from which the action was performed.
  • Result — action status: Success or Failure, for example, for an attempt to log in to the account.

Filtering and exporting results

You can filter user actions by the following parameters: Action date and time, Action, Project, User, Modified user, and User history.

To display all actions associated with a user, select the User history filter.

To download the results of the current search as a .xlsx file, select Export to XLSX.