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Deleting dialog logs

You can delete dialog logs of a client from the platform after a specified time.

Deleted logs cannot be restored.

How to delete dialog logs

  1. An acccount owner will need to request the technical support to activate the dialog log removal option.
  2. A user can enable this option after the support notifies the account owner it has been activated. To do this, go to project settings and switch on the Clear Log option: use the Cleanup dialogs radio button. Specify the number of days (0 to 999) to delete any logs older than N days.
Any account user with project editing rights can enable the log removal option.
  1. Messages from clients and bots, attachments and responses from agents are removed for the project once a day (at 00:01 by default) after the option is activated. Only fields that can possibly contain personal data are removed from dialogs: user answers, bot answers, agent messages, audio recordings of client and bot conversations and metadata, etc. Message timestamps, states, transitions, nlp classes are not removed.
If you specify the storage time of 0 days, daily dialog logs will be removed each time a day ends.
The Message has been deleted phrase will be displayed in the Analytics section instead of messages after the logs are cleared.

If you have the log generation and download option configured and you also use the log removal option, the .csv file will be deleted for the entire account after the number of days specified in the project. The .csv file will be deleted for the entire account if log removal is enabled in any project.