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How to add ChatGPT to a chatbot


If you want the chatbot to answer client questions as a live agent, you can add the ChatGPT neural network created by OpenAI to your project.

The neural network has been trained on a huge amount of internet data, allowing it to understand questions in different wording and find the answer to almost any question.

You can connect an AI assistant to your Tovie DialogStudio project, so it will generate answers for clients based on the available information about your company and the details that you provide. It will also consider the context of the dialog and adhere to the chosen style of communication with the client you set.

Answer generation may take up to 30 seconds depending on the question.

How to add ChatGPT

Bot created in the skill builder

  1. Select the “Question answering (FAQ)” skill.
  2. Determine the bot’s tone of communication with clients and how often it will use emojis.
  3. Input all the relevant information about your company. The more the neural network knows, the more complete its answers will be.
  4. Add questions and answers to them, which the neural network will also consider when generating answers.

Bot created in the visual editor

  1. Go to SettingsIn case any problems occur.
  2. Select Bot response to unrecognized client messagesGenerate a response using ChatGPT.
  3. Choose bot’s tone of communication with clients and how often it will use emojis.
  4. Add information about your company that may be useful to your clients.
  5. Add a bot response when the limit of calls to ChatGPT is reached.

How to fill in the company information

Imagine that ChatGPT is a new assistant in your company. To make its answers to clients as helpful as possible, provide the instruction and include all the necessary information about your services and products. The better you structure the information, the more precise the neural network’s responses will be. Add links to the pages with current prices and promotions.


The neural network can make up answers if you don’t provide enough data. To avoid this, add a detailed description of the company. The text length limit is 1,000 characters.


“Best Yoga” hosts retreats in Bali in small groups of 5 to 8 people.

Dates of upcoming tours:

  • 06.01–06.06
  • 06.08–06.13

Tour cost: $1500 per person in a double room.

The price includes the following:

  • Daily yoga classes at 10 a.m. (60 minutes) and meditation at 8 p.m. (45 minutes).
  • Accommodation in comfortable bungalows.
  • Three vegetarian meals per day.
  • Airport transfer.

Additional services: massage sessions available for $50 each.

Our promotions:

Price list for yoga classes in our studio:

If your bot can transfer the dialog to an agent, add to the instruction a phrase like: “If you have any questions, click the Agent button in the menu to contact the manager.”


The number of calls to ChatGPT is limited depending on your subscription plan.

When the limits are exceeded, your bot will only answer questions you have previously added to the skill or the knowledge base.

If you created a bot in the skill builder or did not specify a bot answer when the limits are exhausted in the visual editor, the bot will answer an unknown question with Sorry, I can’t understand you.

To replenish the limits, you can purchase additional packages of calls.