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Bot publication channels

To make your bot available for your clients, you have to publish it in a channel.

channel is an interface used by your bot to communicate with the client. It can be a messenger, a widget on your website, or other service.

You do not need to publish bots for call campaigns and bots for receiving inbound calls in channels. You only need to configure the channel.

How to publish a bot in a channel

  1. On the Chatbots tab on the main Tovie DialogStudio tab, select the bot.
  2. Go to the Channels tab. You will see the list of available channels.
  3. Select a channel, specify all the required parameters, and click Connect.
You can connect your bot to several channels.

Channel types

Tovie DialogStudio supports different channel types. We have divided them into several groups.

Messengers, social media, and API

Once you have clients in these channels, you can use them to launch text campaigns.

Business channels

Customer engagement platforms

To use these channels, add the Transfer to agent block to the script.

Agents from these channels can talk to clients in online chats on websites or in messengers and social networks connected on the customer engagement platform side.

Read our article on online chats to learn more about how online chats work and differ.


Except publication channels where you can publish your bots, you can connect Tovie DialogStudio bots to other services such as: