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Getting started

Tovie DialogStudio is a low-code platform for creating bots. A bot is a program that understands clients’ requests in natural language and responds to them according to the prepared script.

Bots help both the business and its clients.

  • With a bot, a client can interact with some system, website, or application.
  • Bots can take routine tasks — for example, they can provide clients with information, make appointments, or take orders.
  • Using bots will save your employees time for other tasks.

Why Tovie DialogStudio

  • Tovie DialogStudio is built on complex machine learning algorithms, that’s why a bot can understand the client’s intent and recognize parameters from their request.


    For example, you can configure your bot for the cases when clients ask the bot about the weather in London. If you do, the bot will understand that the client is talking about the weather, recognize a question and a city name.

  • Tovie DialogStudio bots can understand and reproduce text and speech.

  • With Tovie DialogStudio bots, you also can start call campaigns and receive calls from clients.

  • You do not need programming skills to create bots in Tovie DialogStudio.

How to start

To create a bot, you need to think over the logic of its work — how it will response to different client phrases.

You can create a chatbot for your task and then publish it on your website, messenger, or social network. You can also create a bot for calls and launch call campaigns or receive calls.

Before getting started, please refer to the following articles: