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This method returns the ASR provider settings of the phone channel used for the current call.


The method is called without arguments:


The method returns a settings object. The properties of this object are different based on the provider. If the provider supports no additional settings, the method returns an empty object {}.

All settings returned by the method can be overridden for the current call using the $dialer.setAsrConfig method.

Provider settings


  • lang
    • Speech recognition language.
  • model
    • Speech recognition model.


  • language
    • Speech recognition language.
  • outputFormat
    • Data output format.
  • profanityOption
    • This setting determines what should be done with profanity in the recognized text: should it be removed, masked, or included as is.
  • enableDictation
    • This setting enables speech recognition in dictation mode. In this mode, words which represent punctuation marks and other markup elements are recognized as special characters (for example, comma is treated as,).