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The $prompter service allows you to use the Prompter API in a prompter bot script and includes the pushReply method.


This method sends an agent appropriate answers to the customer’s question. Answer options are taken from intents and the knowledge base.

It is used only in prompter bots connected to the Prompter API channel.


The method is called without arguments.


It sends answer parameters from the knowledge base and intents to Tovie Agent.

How to use

Let’s look at an example.

The knowledge base is connected to the script so that the bot can use the answers from it.

state: KnowledgeBase
intentGroup!: /KnowledgeBase

The bot knowledge base includes the FAQ.Contact Information module. The answer to the question In which countries do you have branches? is set there.

The answer to the question in the knowledge base

If a customer asks this question, an agent will receive a prompt in Tovie Agent:

Context prompter Prompter assistant