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Tovie Platform has a number of system events — events occurring in the account, project, or channel in response to client actions other than text queries.

System events have predefined names whereby they can be processed in the script via the event tag, like in the following example:

state: AskForReport
a: Please send me your project report.

state: GetReport
event: fileEvent
# ...
a: Thank you! The report has been submitted for review.
The $pushgate built-in service allows you to create your own events, as well as trigger and process them right from the script.

Channel restrictions

In the channels listed below, $pushgate is not supported:
  • Messengers:
    • edna WhatsApp 2.0
    • WeChat
  • The phone channel


createEventCreate an event that will be triggered at a specified time.
cancelEventCancel a previously created event.
createPushbackCreate a pushback — an entity for processing events in external services.

How to use

The $pushgate service allows you to use bots for outbound communications.

  • The createEvent method makes it possible to schedule timed messages from the bot such as reminders, which can occur either once or repeatedly.
  • The createPushback method is ideal for integrating your bots with external services, like when you need to set up notifications from your news feed into the bot, or authorize clients with a custom application to allow access to specific bot features.