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Call campaign

In this tutorial, we will develop a call campaign bot that will ask clients whether they have COVID-19 symptoms.

The bot will be able to:

  • Use the information from the list of clients and refer to them by name.
  • Record call statuses and client responses in the campaign reports.
  • Call back if the timing of the call is inconvenient.

After completing this tutorial, you will learn how to develop bots for outbound telephony and use Tovie DSL features for telephony event management. You will see for yourself how using intents and slot filling enhances the interaction with clients, making your calls really smart.

The tutorial assumes you are familiar with how to use the NLU core for setting up natural language understanding.

We will walk along the following steps:

  1. Register an account with a telephony provider and set up a SIP connection.
  2. Develop the bot script, using the $dialer methods for telephony management.
  3. Create a telephony channel and launch your first call campaign.
  4. Analyze the finished campaign reports.
  5. Enhance your script with such features as callback, barge-in, and audio playback.
  6. Test the script you have developed.