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Tovie Agent as a customer engagement platform

Tovie Agent is a customer engagement platform by Tovie AI. It has the following features:

  • Tovie Agent has a simple web interface for agents.
  • You can aggregate agents into groups and view statistics on customer requests.
  • You do not need a new account to sign up — use your current Tovie Platform account to sign in.

Learn more about Tovie Agent and its advantages in the documentation.

To use Tovie Agent as a customer engagement platform:

  1. Configure Tovie Agent.
  2. Connect the customer engagement platform.
  3. Connect the platform to an inbound channel.
  4. Configure transferring chats to agents in the script.

Configure Tovie Agent

Tovie Agent is a part of the Tovie Cloud environment, as well as Tovie Platform. To start using it, contact us at

After signing in, you can invite agents and add them to groups. Then configure Tovie Agent preferences, for example: specify the limits on active chats for one agent and the response time. You can also make chats assigned to agents automatically.

Connect the customer engagement platform

  1. Sign in to Tovie Platform and go to a project.
  2. In the control panel, select Channels → Customer engagement platforms → Connect channel → Tovie Agent.
  3. Specify the settings:
    • Enter the channel name or use the default one.
    • Select the default agent group. The chat will be transferred to this group’s queue if you do not specify any group for transferring the chat in the script.
    • The access token is inserted automatically. The Tovie Agent account will be connected that you can access via the  menu in the top pane. If you want to connect a different account, copy its token from Tovie Agent settings and paste it into the field yourself.

Connect the platform to an inbound channel

  1. Create an inbound channel or go to editing it.
  2. In the Agent dropdown list, select the Tovie Agent customer engagement platform.
  3. Click Save.

Configure transferring chats

To transfer customer chats with the chatbot to agents in Tovie Agent, use the $response.replies.push method with a switch-typed reply or the TransferToOperator action tag.

The chat can be transferred to a group other than the one specified in the Tovie Agent connection settings. For that, use the destination parameter for a switch-typed reply or for the TransferToOperator tag.

Use a group ID as the parameter value. You can find IDs on the Groups tab in the Tovie Agent settings:

Tovie Agent groups

Default agent

You can specify one default agent for each group so that all dialogs are transferred to this agent:

  1. Select the default agent when creating or editing a group or when editing users.
  2. In the Tovie Agent preferences, enable the Automatically assign chats parameter.

You can choose not to limit the number of dialogs an agent can accept or the waiting time for their response. To do this, set the values for the Maximum number of chats per agent and Agent response time parameters to 0.

  1. In the Tovie Platform script, add a reply with the switch type and the ignoreOffline parameter with the value:
  • true — all dialogs in the group will be assigned to the default agent, even if this agent is offline.
  • false — when the default agent is offline, dialogs will be queued to other agents in the group.