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Tovie Platform provides various analytical tools for your project. With them, for example, you can view statistics and perform some actions across the project, such as downloading client reports or carrying out A/B testing.

Statistics on bot performance

On the Project overview page, you can analyze the results of your bot. For this purpose, you have access to:

  • Key metrics: the number of users, sessions, and messages in channels.
  • Additional metrics: the number of automated dialogs, evaluations from users, statistics of requests by the topic, and session results.

Analytics and additional labels

You can use additional analytical tools for your project. For this, in the toolbar, go to the necessary page in the Analytics setting group:

PageWhat you can do on the page
ReportsView and download detailed statistics on bot performance.
ClientsObtain client dialog history and download a client report as a table.
DialogsView the dialog list.
Metrics configurationCreate and edit metrics for analytics.
A/B testingCreate an experiment for your script, carry out A/B testing, and review the results.
TasksCreate a task to improve the project and assign this task to a necessary user.
TelephonyView the report on using the telephone channel.
Transferred to agentView data on sessions transferred to an agent.

There are special attributes for advanced analytics — labels. You can create them for phrases, sessions, and tasks.

Dialog logs

Tovie Platform provides daily logs for dialog statistics analysis. This option is only available to users with the RAWLOGS_ANALYTIC or SYSTEM_ADMIN role.

Email reports

Users with the SYSTEM_ADMIN, LINGUIST, DEVELOPER, BUSINESS_OWNER or OUTBOUND_MANAGER roles can receive weekly email reports on bot statistics.

To receive reports:

  1. Click in the top bar.
  2. Select Project reports in the dropdown list.
  3. Enable the Receive reports on all account projects by email toggle.

Reports will be sent for all Tovie Platform projects that have updates on the:

Reports will also include data for the projects without any updates in the last 2 weeks. If there are no projects in the account, no reports will be sent.