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Calling policy

This policy defines the parameters and the priority of a call.

Policy levels

Multiple policy levels are implemented in Tovie Platform: call campaign level, number level, and callback level.

Calls will be made in the ascending order of the priority according to the call campaign policy:

If no callback parameters are specified, higher level parameters are applied. If some parameters are not specified, the missing ones are inherited from higher level settings. Therefore, if custom parameters are not specified for a number, the call will be made according to the call campaign parameters.

How a policy affects calling priority

Calls are made in the following order:

  1. Numbers with custom parameters.
  2. Numbers without parameters.
Among the numbers with customs parameters, calls are made to the numbers where calling intervals expire first.

Suppose it is 18:00 now and we have a list of numbers to call:

  • Number A with the following calling interval: {localTimeFrom: "17:00", localTimeTo: "21:00"}
  • Number B with the following calling interval: {localTimeFrom: "18:00", localTimeTo: "18:30"}
  • Number C with the localTimeFrom: "17:00" parameter, no end time is set for the call campaign
  • Number D with the localTimeFrom: "16:00" parameter, no end time is set for the call campaign

The calls will be made in the following order:

  1. Number B, as the calling interval expires in 30 minutes.
  2. Number A, as the calling interval expires in 3 hours. For numbers C and D, no end time is specified for the campaign.
  3. Number D, as its call waiting time (localTimeFrom parameter) exceeds the time for number C.
  4. Number C.

How the timezone is determined for a number

If you enabled the Use customer local time option when you created the call campaign, the timezone for the number will be determined as follows (in descending order of priority):

  1. The GMT_ZONE parameter for the number. Defined when you add the phone number list or add the number via the Calls API.
  2. Phone number country code.
  3. The timezone of Tovie Platform.

If the Use customer local time option was not selected in the call campaign settings, the timezone of the campaign’s creator will be used.