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Call campaigns

In the Outbound call campaigns section you can specify conditions and apply possible limitations to calls performed by the bot. Campaigns are also started from here.

We recommend creating a call campaign after telephony and a telephone channel have been set up, and a list of telephone numbers has been added.

Creating a campaign

Navigate to the project and click Outbound call campaigns > Create a campaign in the toolbar.

Fill in the fields:

  • Campaign name — specify a name for the campaign to be displayed in the list.
  • List of clients — select a list of numbers to campaign to. If you do not have a list yet, go here to create one.
You can create a campaign without a phone number list and add numbers using the Calls API.
  • Telephone channel — select a channel. You can select only one channel from the list of existing outbound channels. If you do not have a channel yet, you need to create one first.
  • Number of lines available — set the number of available phone lines, i. e. the number of simultaneously active outbound lines for calling clients.
  • When to call customers — specify the days of the week and times when calls to clients can be made. By default, calls are allowed during business hours on working days.
  • Use customer local time — campaign start and end times will be calculated based on the customer’s local time. If this option is disabled, then the local time of your web browser will be used.
  • Dial attempts — the number of attempts to dial the customer’s phone number.
The bot will try dialing each phone number as many times as specified in the Initial attempts count. If you plan additional dial attempts from the bot script via the $dialer.redial method, the platform will limit the total number of dial attempts not to exceed the Max attempts count.

The default initial attempts count value is 1, and the maximum is 99. If you change the default value, fill in the following additional fields:

  • Pause between calls — specify how many minutes should pass from the previous dial attempt before the next one will be performed.
  • Redial if the call lasted less than — set the minimal acceptable call duration in seconds. If the call lasts less than that, another dial attempt will be performed.
When there is a technical error, e.g. there is no connection to the SIP server, the pause before each subsequent dial attempt will be doubled, starting from the value of 1 minute. An attempt will be counted towards the Initial attempts count only on a successful call or when 9 consecutive calls with a technical error have been made.

Starting the campaign

In the Start campaign field, you can set up the campaign start time:

  • Right now — the campaign will start immediately after creation.
  • Schedule for — the campaign will start automatically at the time specified.

Press Start campaign or Schedule campaign. The newly created campaign will be displayed in the list.

Campaign statuses

Campaign statuses are displayed in the campaign list.

  • Scheduled — the launch has been scheduled for a specific time and date.
  • In progress — the campaign is in process.
  • Completed — the campaign has completed or has been terminated by the user.
  • Paused — the campaign has been stopped by the user or has halted with an error. You can choose to resume or terminate a suspended campaign.
You may want to suspend a campaign to edit the campaign conditions or script.

Automatic suspension is triggered if:

  • you have run out of minutes on your telephone provider plan;
  • you have run out of minutes for your text-to-speech and speech-to-text services;
  • the telephone channel or the campaign phone number list has been deleted;
  • a server error has occurred.

You can resume a campaign from the Paused status only if there are no errors. Make sure the source of the error has been eliminated and click Resume.

Editing campaign conditions

You can edit the conditions of a campaign only if its status is Scheduled or Paused.

The changes will apply to the phone numbers that have been queued for the campaign.

Editing the script

You can edit the script at any stage of the campaign. You can suspend a campaign, modify the script and continue the campaign using the modified script.

Deleting a campaign

You can delete a campaign at any time: click on the  icon next to the campaign name and confirm deletion when prompted.

When deleting a campaign, the related scripts and phone number databases are not deleted. However, the campaign report will be deleted.