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Adding phone numbers from CRM systems

The following Calls API methods are simplified methods for adding a single phone number to the call campaign:

  • GET /api/crmCalls/campaign/{token}/addPhone
  • POST /api/crmCalls/campaign/{token}/addPhone
  • GET /api/crmCalls/campaign/{token}/test/addPhone

In contrast to the main method for adding phone numbers to the campaign, POST /addPhones, they accept parameters in the URL string rather than in the request body, and the number of supported parameters is limited.

These methods are primarily intended for integrating Tovie Platform calls with CRM systems.

Request parameters

You can pass the following call job settings as request URL parameters:

  • phone — the phone number to be called, required parameter.
  • gmtZone — the customer time zone, optional parameter.
The same restrictions as in POST /addPhones apply to the time zone format.

All other parameters are interpreted as payload, i.e. arbitrary additional data. The object with this data is available from the bot script via $dialer.getPayload.

Redundant numbers in call campaigns

Repeated calls to the same number are ignored if you use the following methods:

  • GET /api/crmCalls/campaign/{token}/addPhone
  • POST /api/crmCalls/campaign/{token}/addPhone

You can find more information about these restrictions in the main article.

If you need to make a call again (for example, to test a call campaign), use the GET /api/crmCalls/campaign/{token}/test/addPhone method.

Example request

curl ''

The response to this request will be a string containing the created call job ID.