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Adding phone numbers to the campaign

The following Calls API method is used for adding phone numbers with parameters to the campaign:

  • POST /api/calls/campaign/{token}/addPhones

Request body

The body of requests to this method contains an array of objects defining the phone numbers added to the campaign as well as the call policy for each number. Every object may have the following fields.

phoneCustomer phone number.Yes"16500000000"
payloadArbitrary data to be passed into the script.No{"promo": "20% off all Tovie Platform business plans!"}
startDateTimeCall start date. The call will be made in the interval between startDateTime and finishDateTime.No"2020-03-23T00:00:00Z"
finishDateTimeCall end date. After finishDateTime, no calls will be made.No"2020-03-23T00:00:00Z"
allowedDaysWeekdays when calls are allowed.No["mon", "wed", "fri"]
allowedTimeTime intervals when calls are allowed for each day of the week.No"default": [{"localTimeFrom": "10:00", "localTimeTo": "18:00"}]
retryIntervalInMinutesThe pause between callback attempts, in minutes.No120
maxAttemptsThe total number of callback attempts.No1
gmtZoneCustomer time zone.No"-05:00"
dialerPriorityPhone number priority.No2

Allowed call time


The allowedDays field configures the weekdays when calls may take place. The field value is an array with the following strings allowed: "mon", "tue", "wed", "thu", "fri", "sat", "sun".

When allowedDays is specified, it is only during these days that calls are possible. Any allowedTime settings for other weekdays are ignored.


In the allowedTime field, every day of the week is mapped to one or several time intervals when calls to the phone number are allowed.

This field contains an object with keys equal to weekday names from the allowedDays field, as well as a default key. The values for each key should be arrays of objects with localTimeFrom and localTimeTo nested fields, corresponding to the allowed time interval thresholds.

The time format is HH:mm. The time is relative, so the customer local time is taken into account.

Calls made during weekdays not specified in the request body will be made in accordance with the settings provided in the default value.

localTimeFrom and localTimeTo

Note the following restrictions on the localTimeFrom and localTimeTo fields:

  • Every interval should contain both the upper and the lower threshold. A request error occurs when one of them is missing.
  • Time intervals should not overlap, i.e. the upper threshold of one should not be greater than the lower threshold of the other. Situations like this also produce request errors.
  • If localTimeFrom is greater than localTimeTo, the interval is considered correct: it starts on the specified day and ends on the next day.
"localTimeFrom": "10:00"
] // Error: no upper limit specified

"localTimeFrom": "10:00",
"localTimeTo": "13:30"
"localTimeFrom": "13:00",
"localTimeTo": "14:30"
] // Error: overlapping intervals

"localTimeFrom": "20:00",
"localTimeTo": "03:00"
] // Correct interval from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Customer time zone

The gmtZone value must conform to one of the following formats:

  • Z for UTC time.
  • +h, +hh, ±hhmm, or ±hhmmss with a number of optional elements:
    • : separator between hours, minutes, and seconds, e.g. +hh:mm:ss;
    • either a UTC, a GMT, or a UT prefix, e.g. GMT-hh:mm.
  • One of the time zone IDs as specified by IANA TZDB.

Phone number priority

The dialerPriority field sets the phone number priority in a range from 1 to 5, where 1 is the highest priority and 5 is the lowest.

Calls will be made sequentially depending on the value set, starting with the highest priority numbers and ending with the lowest priority ones.

dialerPriority has several usage details.

  • If the priority is not specified explicitly, the priority will be set to 5 by default.
  • If the priority is specified incorrectly, for example 7, the call priority will be set to 5 by default.
  • If within the dialog $dialer.redial with an explicitly specified priority is called, the initially set priority will be overridden.
  • If within the dialog $dialer.redial without an explicitly specified priority is called, the initially set priority will be used.

Redundant numbers in call campaigns

If the same number was added to an outbound call campaign with the same settings and payload two or more times, such duplicates will be ignored. The restriction applies for 24 hours from the moment the number is added.


If you use the same phone number to test a call campaign, use the special GET /api/crmCalls/campaign/{token}/test/addPhone method.

Example request

curl --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '[
"phone": 16500000000,
"payload": {
"name": "Alex",
"age": 34
"allowedTime": {
"mon": [
"localTimeFrom": "10:00",
"localTimeTo": "11:30"
"localTimeFrom": "13:00",
"localTimeTo": "14:30"
"default": [
"localTimeFrom": "10:00",
"localTimeTo": "18:00"
"retryIntervalInMinutes": 120,
"maxAttempts": 0,
"gmtZone": "-05:00"

The response to this request will be an array of all created call job IDs.