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In the J‑Graph visual editor, the bot business logic is built upon states. Blocks describe how the bot can switch between states and what it should do after switching.

User phrases and events

User phrases and events determine what can initiate a dialog transition from the current state to other states:

  • The fact that the user said a phrase similar to ones configured in the script and expressing the user’s intention.
  • The fact that some action happened in the account, the bot script, or a channel connected to the project, which the bot can react to.
Another way to describe the dialog flow is to use a similar kind of blocks called triggers. They determine what can initiate a dialog transition to the current state from other states.

Bot reactions

Reactions are the actions performed by the bot when a state is triggered. For example, the bot can send a user some text, buttons, or automatically make a transition to another dialog state.

Actions are a specific type of reactions. They execute complex and frequently repeated bot actions or script fragments, such as an HTTP request or a transfer to an agent.