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Script development in J‑Graph

The script contains the bot operation logic that you design in the J‑Graph editor. The script consists of states, which are the units making the bot wait for user actions and react to them.


You can fill the script states with different blocks:

User phrases and events
Recognizing user phrases and events during the dialog and making transitions between script states.
Bot reactionsPerforming actions on making state transitions, such as sending text messages, buttons, or file attachments.
Bot actionsPerforming complex and frequently repeated bot actions or script fragments, such as an HTTP request.

Saving and discarding changes

While working in J‑Graph, you can save the script with the changes you have made as a new version:

  1. Select Save script in the top left corner.
  2. If needed, leave a comment on the changes, then select Save.
Once the changes are saved, you can deploy the new script version to the necessary channel.

At any time, you can also roll back the script to the previously saved version. To do this, select Discard changes.

Search makes it easy to navigate through large scripts. To open the search panel, click in the top left corner or use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut ( + F on macOS).

By default, all J‑Graph elements are searched for:

You can configure the filter:

  1. On the search panel, click .
  2. In the list, select the J‑Graph elements you want to search for.