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Sticky notes

You can leave comments to the script using colored sticky notes. This is useful for collaborating on a project. For example, a conversational designer can document the business logic at a specific state in a comment for a developer.

Sticky note on the canvas

Creating a sticky note

You can add a sticky note to the canvas in one of the following ways:

  • Click in the top left corner. After that, select an empty space on the canvas or a state to which you want to attach the note.
  • Right-click anywhere on the canvas and select Add a sticky note.
  • Right-click on the state you want to attach the sticky note to and select Add a sticky note. The note will be immediately attached to the state.
A sticky note displays information about who created it and when, and who made the last change. To view it, click on the user’s name on the note.

Actions with sticky notes

You can:

  • Choose the colors for the notes from the palette.

  • Attach sticky notes to a specific state.

    • To link a sticky note to a state, point an arrow from it to the state.

      You cannot move a link from one state to another. You can break it and reattach the note to another state.
    • To break a link, select it and press Delete. To bring back the link you have just deleted, undo the last action by pressing Ctrl+Z.

  • Move sticky notes around the canvas. If you move a state, all notes attached to it will move along with it.

If you export a project with sticky notes, they will be anonymized when you upload a script file to a new project. So instead of the names of those who created and modified the note, you will see Unknown user.