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Troubleshooting J‑Graph

I’ve opened J‑Graph, but my script isn’t rendering

Try creating a new state by clicking the  button or right-clicking anywhere on the canvas. The script should now be fully loaded.

When I open it for the first time, all states are on top of each other

This may be the case if you have opened an existing project created before J‑Graph appeared in Tovie Platform. Click the  button in the top left corner to arrange all states automatically.

The script is loading too long, everything is super slow

J‑Graph performance depends directly on the hardware of the computer you use for working with Tovie Platform. Most GPUs can display no more than 400 or so states on the canvas at once. If the script is larger than that, performance degrades very quickly.

How to speed up J‑Graph
  • Use nesting in your script source code to show contextual dependence between states. If you do so, parent states will be displayed as groups on the canvas, and the children will only be visible when you navigate to the appropriate group.

  • Divide script states into multiple themes. J‑Graph will display only states of the current theme.

I click on states and blocks but nothing happens, I see visual artifacts

J‑Graph works best if your device has a dedicated graphics card. If your computer has an integrated GPU and you have issues trying to work in the editor, try updating your driver software to the latest version.

If that doesn’t help and you still have trouble working with J‑Graph after getting driver updates, contact our support team.