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Built-in action tags

Tovie Platform has a number of built-in action tags, which are already implemented for you. They execute complex and frequently repeated bot actions or script fragments, such as an HTTP request or a transfer to an agent.

ConfirmationMakes the bot ask the user to confirm some action.
EmailSends a message to the specified email address.
EndSessionEnds the current user session and clears all session data.
HttpRequestSends an HTTP request. This allows the bot to receive data from an external resource and save it into variables.
InputFileMakes the bot ask the user to upload a file and save a link to it into a variable.
InputNumberMakes the bot ask the user to enter a number within the specified range and save it into a variable.
InputTextMakes the bot request arbitrary text from the user and save it into a variable.
SmsSends an SMS message to the specified phone number.
TelegramPaymentSends a Telegram payment form.
TransferCallToOperatorSwitches the call to an agent (for phone channel bots).
TransferToOperatorSwitches the dialog to an agent in a customer engagement platform (for text bots).