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Server logs

Viewing the server logs allows you to monitor in real time all the events processed by the chat: incoming messages, button clicks, etc.

Viewing logs

To start viewing the server logs, log on to Tovie Platform and go to the project. Click Editor > Editor > at the bottom of the window, click Logs.

Server logs

The Server Logs tab is available from any section of the platform. For example, you can run a chat widget on the Channels page and track logs at the same time.

Messages of channels running in the platform are automatically logged. For example, test widget logs.

You can output arbitrary log messages using the log function. This allows you to use the function to debug scripts embedded in script files.

Display settings

  • Filter All loggers allows you to output data from one or more loggers.
  • Filter All events allows you to output a specific type of events.
  • Select Clear the output window to clear the output window.
  • Select Clear prefixes of records to clear prefixes of records.
Server log records are always displayed according to the UTC time zone, regardless of the time zone set in the user settings.