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Source code editor

The source code editor is the main interface where you can write bot scripts.

You can also create bot scripts using the J‑Graph visual editor.

To open the source code editor, select a project and go to Editor → Code on the control panel. The editor consists of several zones:

Source code editor


The Files tab displays the whole file structure of the project. On this tab, you can:

  •  Create a file
  •  Create a folder
  •  Search for a file or folder

Right-click the necessary file or folder and you will see the following options:

  • New file
  • New folder
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste (if you have used the Cut option)
  • Rename
  • Delete
You can also cut and paste a file or folder. For that, drag and drop it into the necessary directory.

On the Search tab, you can find the necessary sequence of characters in all project files. Cross search is also available by using the Ctrl + Shift + F keyboard shortcut ( + Shift + F on macOS).

If you need to search within a single file, use Ctrl + F instead.

Click to configure additional parameters, such as case sensitivity or extensions of the files where the characters will be searched for. If you want to replace the specified character sequence with another one, click .

The search tab has the following restrictions:

  • Only the first 100 entries are shown in the search results.
  • The search query should contain from 3 to 20 characters.


If you reuse the same script fragments across many projects, consider moving them to a separate folder or a Git repository and importing them as dependencies.
You can also use modules from system projects as dependencies. They contain a number of ready-made named patterns, functions, etc., which can be imported into Tovie Platform projects without any extra setup.

On the Dependencies panel under the file tree, you can view the contents of the zb-common system project, as well as all external dependencies connected to the project.

After declaring a new dependency in chatbot.yaml or updating an existing one, click to load and display its contents in the editor.

All dependency files are read-only.

Main window

To open the main editor window, create a file or click on an existing one. Here you can edit all the project files. The following additional actions are available:

You can switch between files using tabs located above the main editor window.


The gutter may contain the  icon. It only appears on lines which have the a tag and launches the speech synthesis test widget.

Server logs

To monitor the bot performance in real time, click on the Logs tab under the main editor window.