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File search

You can use the script editor to search the contents of your projects.

  1. Log in to Tovie Platform and open a project.
  2. From the sidebar, select Editor.
  3. Open the file to be searched.
  4. Press the  icon or use the Ctrl + F key combination ( + F on macOS).
  5. Type in the text to be searched for in the search bar.

Search results matching the search query will be highlighted in the current file, and the one closest to the cursor will be selected.

You can also open the search widget after selecting some text in the editor. In this case, a search for other occurrences of the selected text will be performed immediately.

File search

Search widget settings

You can use either buttons in the search widget or hotkeys to navigate between search results or change the search settings.

Please note that the hotkeys are only active when the cursor is placed in the search bar.
>EnterNavigate to the next occurrence
<Shift + EnterNavigate to the previous occurrence
AllAlt + EnterSelect all occurrences
×EscClose the search widget
.*Alt + RTurn on/off regular expession search mode
AaAlt + C
Alt + I
Turn on/off case sensitivity
\bAlt + B
Alt + W
Turn on/off whole word search mode
STurn on/off search in the current selection only
+Show the replace bar
Hide the replace bar
Search settings will be saved even if you navigate between files or close the search widget.

Replace mode

You can press + to expand the search widget with the replace bar. Type in the text to replace search results with and use the buttons or hotkeys below.

ReplaceEnterReplace the selected occurrence and navigate to the next one
Shift + EnterReplace the selected occurrence and navigate to the previous one
AllAlt + EnterReplace all occurrences
The hotkeys for text replacement are only active when the cursor is placed in the replace bar.