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Client lists

To start a text or call campaign, you need to create a list of clients in your account.

You can create as many lists as you like and use them in any of your projects.

Lists of clients can be created by the user with the OUTBOUND_MANAGER role.

There are two ways to create a list of clients:

Upload a client list as a file

  1. Sign in to Tovie Platform.
  2. Click on the top navigation bar > Client lists > Create client list.
  3. In the dialog box that opens, select a channel type:
  4. Upload a file with the list of clients. Here you can also download sample spreadsheets.
  5. Wait for the list validation.
  6. Confirm that the clients have agreed to give their numbers or IDs to you.
  7. Click Create.

A list for call campaigns

Phone numbers should be specified in the first column, include a country code, and not include + — for example, 12671234567.

You can create a list that includes not only numbers but also additional fields, for example, First name, Last name, City. You can also specify a timezone and phone number priority.

A list for text campaigns

In the list for text campaigns, client IDs for the selected channel should be specified in the first column. The ID format depends on the particular channel.


Files are validated during the import process. The list must meet the following conditions:

  • File format: XLS, XLSX, CSV.
  • File size: no more than 20 MB.
  • The correct phone number format for call campaign lists.

If there are duplicate phone numbers in the list, they will be uploaded, provided that they differ in at least one field. Otherwise, duplicates will not be uploaded but will be logged in the error report.

The validation results will be displayed after the file has been uploaded. You can view the list of clients that failed validation by clicking View list.

At this stage you can cancel the import, fix the errors, and reupload the file. You can also add only the lines that passed validation.

Add existing clients to the list

You can create a list with the clients the bot talked to in a particular channel.

  1. Open your bot project and go to Analytics > Clients.
  2. Add the Channel type filter and select a channel. Apply additional filters if necessary.
You cannot create a list of clients from several channels. Create a separate list for each channel.
  1. Click Create client list.
  2. Specify the list name and click Create.

The list will appear on the Client lists page.

View the list

You can view the imported list by downloading it as a file. To download it, click next to the list name. The list will be downloaded as an XLSX file.

If the initial file includes additional data, the downloaded file will include it as well.

Delete the list

To delete a list, click next to its name and confirm deletion.

Deleting a list does not affect call and text campaigns that are in progress or have been suspended. The list of used phone numbers or statistics on text campaign results will be available in campaign reports.