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The canvas is a two-dimensional surface where the bot script is laid out in J‑Graph. It extends infinitely both horizontally and vertically.

Canvas actions

You can work with the canvas using a mouse or a touchpad.
Move around the canvasClick and hold down the left or middle mouse button on any unoccupied space, then move the cursor.Double-tap the touchpad on any unoccupied space and drag your finger without lifting it.
Zoom in or outUse the mouse wheel.Pinch your fingers or scroll up and down using two fingers.
Create a new state or sticky noteClick the right mouse button.Tap the touchpad using two fingers.

Control panel

The control panel in the top left corner of the canvas contains the following buttons:

Open the search panel.

Export the script as a PNG image. The image will contain every element in the current level against a transparent background.

Save or discard the changes made to the script.
Create a new state.
Create a new sticky note.

Go to the theme level.

Create a new theme. The action is available on the theme level.

Automatically arrange the script states or themes on the canvas. Two layout algorithms are supported:

  • The default layout uses the dagre library.
  • The alternative layout uses the elkjs library.