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J‑Graph hotkeys

In J‑Graph, there are several keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up working on your script.

On macOS, you can use instead of Ctrl.

State operations

Keyboard shortcutWhen it worksAction
Ctrl + CWhen a state is selectedCopy the selected state to the clipboard.
Ctrl + VAfter copying a statePaste the copied state into the current group.
Ctrl + FAlwaysOpen the search panel.
Ctrl + ZAlwaysUndo the last change made to the script (except for dragging states around the canvas).
You can undo actions multiple times in a row. Up to 50 changes are saved in history. If you close J‑Graph or reload the page, the history is reset.
DelWhen a state is selectedDelete the selected state.

Block operations

Keyboard shortcutWhen it worksAction
Ctrl + VAfter copying a block and selecting a statePaste the copied block into the state.
Blocks can only be copied through the context menu: Copy.
Ctrl + EnterWhen editing a blockSave the changes made to the block.
EnterWhen editing a button text in a Button group blockAdd a new button.