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Customer engagement platforms

Tovie DialogStudio allows not only publishing bots in different channels but also transferring dialogs to agents from online chat platforms.

An online chat platform can be connected to a bot as:

  • customer engagement platform. The dialogs will reach the platform if only they are transferred to an agent. The bot will talk to clients in the Tovie DialogStudio chat widget or a channel connected on the Tovie DialogStudio side.
  • business channel. All dialogs go through the platform and are transferred to agents if necessary. The bot will talk to clients in a third-party chat widget or a channel connected on the business channel side, store client data there, transfer dialogs to agents, and perform other tasks.

How to connect a customer engagement platform

If you are going to use a customer engagement platform:

  1. Configure the integration with one of the customer engagement platforms.
  2. Add the Transfer to agent block to your script.
You can configure the block so that the chat history will be available to the agent after the dialog is transferred.
  1. Connect an inbound channel — a chat widget, a messenger, or a social network. The bot will talk to clients in the channel, and the dialogs will reach the online chat platform if only they are transferred to an agent.

Tovie DialogStudio supports customer engagement platforms: Tovie Agent and others connected via Operator API.