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Bot main screen

After you have created your bot, you will see the main screen called My bot. It displays information about bot performance in channels and your plan limits.

Information about your bot performance


Next to the project name, you will see the channels where your bot is active and the connection status, for example:

  • The Connected status means that the bot is published and working in the channel.
  • The Waiting for connection status means that the bot is not published and the channel is not yet connected or is connecting.

To add a new channel, select + Connect channel.


The chart displays statistics on the number of new and returning clients for the last 30 days. You can view the full statistics or filter the data by channel.


To the right of the chart, there is an information about your plan:

  • How many clients (unique users), minutes, and SMS messages you have left.
  • How many days are left until the limits are updated after the billing period is over.

To change your plan or buy additional packages, select Increase limits.

The sidebar contains section tabs for working with your bot. Here you can:

  • Modify your bot in the Visual editor section or the Skill builder section. Depending on how you created the bot, one of the sections will be available to you.
  • Create and fill in:
  • Set up channels:
    • For chatbots in the Channel connections section.
    • For bots for calls in the Inbound telephony section or the Outbound campaigns section.
  • View dialog results and detailed statistics on the number of clients, dialogs, and messages in the Statistics section.
  • Analyze dialogs with clients and create a client list for a text campaign in the Dialogs section.
  • Change the basic bot settings, add responses in case there are any problems and integrations in the Settings section.
  • Contact technical support via chat in the Support section.
  • Read the Tovie DialogStudio documentation in the Reference center section.
  • Go to profile settings and manage your plan in the Profile section.