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Bot replies

You can use Tovie Platform to transmit various bot replies in a uniform format, such as images or buttons. The replies transmitted will then be converted to the channel-specific format.

You can also use DSL tags or methods from the $reactions built-in service to generate bot replies.

Generating bot replies

Bot replies are generated via the $response variable. All replies are added to the $response.replies array. To add a new reply, you need to call the push method.

Before adding a new reply in the array, you need to initialize the replies field in the $response variable. If the field is not initialized, the $response.replies value will be undefined. In this case, when the bot starts executing its reactions, the following error will be returned: Cannot read property “push” from undefined.

Therefore, if the replies field was initialized earlier (the state already has reactions called via DSL tags or built-in methods), assign the same value to it. Otherwise, assign an empty array.

var reply = {"type": "telegramPayment"};
// Reply properties initialization.
// ...
// Reply array initialization.
$response.replies = $response.replies || [];


  1. One bot response can contain no more than 100 elements in the $response.replies array. Their total length cannot exceed 50,000 characters.

  2. Bot replies are specific to each channel: a channel can have a number of its own restrictions on the passed properties or not support the reply type at all. Each article lists the channels that support a particular reply type. You can also refer to the Channel features and restrictions article to find out what restrictions some channels have on the selected reply type.

Reply types

The platform supports the following reply types:

audioSend an audio recording.
buttonsDisplay a button.
carouselDisplay a list of elements to select one of them.
Switch and return the dialog context from one bot to another.
dtmfRequest a DTMF message from the user (numbers and letters in the tone mode). Telephone channel only.
fileSend a file.
hangupAbort a call. Telephone channel only.
imageSend an image.
inlineButtonsDisplay an inline button.
locationSend coordinates.
rawCan be used to transmit channel-specific methods.
smsSend an SMS message.
switchSwitch the conversation from the bot to an agent.
textA simple text response; each response is output as a single message.
telegramPaymentSend a payment form for services or goods in Telegram.
telegramPaymentPrecheckoutCheck the goods availability before checkout.
timeoutConfigure switching to a certain state if there is no response from the user.
videoSend a video.